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12:01 QKD Task #1476: Check ASSERT_PRED1 behavior in test_crypto.schemes
Ok, seems like we are missing some...
11:54 QKD Task #1475: Use google mock tests
Sure, ... but could you give an example or some other reasoning? =)


11:57 QKD Task #1472 (New): Reflect on Cpp Core Guidelines E.14 and possible impact on the QKD framework
Reading the Cpp CoreGuidlines "E.14: Use purpose-designed user-defined types as exceptions (not built-in types)":http...


18:21 QKD Support #1470 (Feedback): Potential misleading terminology in utility/environment
Stefan Petscharnig wrote:
> In qkd/include/qkd/utility/environment.h (line 36), there is a definition for a struct c...


17:42 QKD Feature #1465 (New): Check the code for correct use on creating return values from functions
Another optimization step is to create return values from functions correctly.
Specifically do not use this:
17:16 QKD Feature #1464 (New): Enhance performance by utilizing std::move for rvalues to the max
Avoid unnecessary copies of data (esp. in constructors) by utilizing the @std::move@ operator excessively....
12:07 QKD Support #1463 (Assigned): qkd::utility::memory - from_hex input VS as_hex output inconsistency
Stefan Petscharnig wrote:
> * My preferred solution is to specify that from_hex does not work for half-byte allocati...


10:01 QKD Bug #1456: Make package error
Confirm Bug.
Ok. Building a package outside of Docker now fails.
10:00 QKD Bug #1455: Pipeline module error
Could you please provide some script+output to deterministically reproduce the behavior?


08:09 QKD Bug #1442: Version string mishave on non git build
Dropped git-revision python creation by introducing a compiler flag in "8f6abe9f":

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