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16:08 QKD Bug #1483 (New): Own module not stopped when stopping the pipeline
The own module qc16 was found, but not stopped by stopping the pipeline, but all other modules were stopped fine.


16:07 QKD Bug #1466 (New): Error reading and entering data in messages during communication between two modules
Messages for communication between two modules have the methods write () and read () which are solve this problem, bu...


09:34 QKD Bug #1459 (Closed): qkd-key-compare-error
The error occurs when comparing the two final-key files of Alice and Bob.
The problem is that the generated input ke...
09:26 QKD Bug #1455: Pipeline module error
To solve this error the module path of the different modules in the pipeline-alice.xml and pipeline-alice.bob file sh...


11:25 QKD Bug #1456 (Closed): Make package error
The package can't be created on the host system because there occurs a CPack Error.
CPack Error: Cannot in...
11:23 QKD Bug #1455 (Closed): Pipeline module error
The pipeline is trying to start altough the files of the modules can't be found because they are not in the same dire...

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