• ARCHISTAR Homepage

    Archistar -
    A framework for building secure distributed storage systems.

    Archistar is a research project funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. It is dedicated to the development of a secure distributed storage architecture for trustworthy cloud usage. The Archistar framework combines Byzantine fault tolerance with secure multi-party computation and tools from cloud cryptography into a novel system architecture. ...

  • HiPANQ

    High Performance Algorithms for Next Generation Quantum Key Distribution (HiPANQ)

    The HiPANQ project is supported by the Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds.

  • QKD

    AIT QKD R10 Software

    This is the AIT QKD Software Suite containing Q3P, the Q3P KeyStore, QKD Modules, Cascade, and others.

    For scientists, universities, and security centered companies who want to concentrate on certain topics of QKD like sifting or error correction or simply use the off-the-shelf toolchain for their products the AIT QKD R10 is a full featured quantum key distribution implementation. Besides been a free open source solution the AIT comes with well defined interfaces and well documented sources which already have been used by several teams around the globe....

  • QKD Software

    This is the AIT QKD Software project.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is deprecated. Please move to which is a revamp of the QKD Software site.

    As of 10th April 2013 the AIT released the Open Source Developer Snapshot of the upcoming AIT QKD Software Release R10....

    • GoodieBag

      The GoodieBag is a tiny library packed full of "goodies". It serves as a base utility library for several AIT software packages.

    • QKD Network

      This software contains Q3P and all associates, e.g. QKD-NL, QKD-TL, Python-bindings, sample quantum devices, etc.

    • QKD Stack

      This project contains the QKD stack. It includes sifting, error estimation, error correction, privacy amplification and many more algorithms, tools and utilities around quantum key distribution.

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