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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1076SupportNewLowAdd a wiki page about parallel modulesOliver Maurhart11.07.2016 18:23v9.9999.8
972TaskAssignedNormalAdd epsilon Security metadate to keyOliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher11.08.2016 11:25v9.9999.8
1133FeatureNewNormalAdd snr to qkd-statisticsOliver Maurhart23.12.2016 09:58v9.9999.8
1073FeatureNewNormalAdd variables to qkd-pipeline XML scriptsOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart12.01.2017 15:33v9.9999.8
1062FeatureNewNormalAfter enforcing key-id bound messages to peer module, drop key-id comparison in modulesOliver Maurhart03.06.2016 12:34
1052FeatureNewLowAllow hostnames in tcp:// pipe-URLsOliver Maurhart03.05.2016 13:29
1114SupportAssignedNormalCascade fails at a certain keyOliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher14.09.2016 18:08
1055FeatureNewLowChange bit-byte value calculations from multi-div to shift operationsOliver Maurhart04.05.2016 11:41
973TaskAssignedLowCheck LLVM/Clang vs. gcc for QKDOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart11.02.2016 14:01
1155TaskNewLowClean up test folderOliver Maurhart19.12.2016 11:01v9.9999.8
1047BugNewLowCleanup test-killer: fail because no keys have been inserted into the pipelineOliver Maurhart15.04.2016 10:54
1120FeatureAssignedNormalCreate CV-QKD error estimationOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart14.10.2016 23:32v9.9999.8
958FeatureAssignedNormalCreate a Wiki page with all the modulesOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 11:16
957FeatureAssignedNormalCreate dedicated "QKD DBus" wiki pageOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 11:11
966FeatureAssignedLowCreate startup scripts for Q3P nodeOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart21.05.2015 09:01
1029FeatureNewLowDaemonize q3pd and modulesOliver Maurhart01.03.2016 15:24
1046FeatureAssignedLowDue to cascade's stochastic nature sometimes the cascade test fails: get more relaxed.Oliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher15.09.2016 16:06
1175FeatureNewLowEnable qkd-pipeline to start shell scripts and not only ELF filesOliver Maurhart27.01.2017 10:34v9.9999.9
970FeatureNewLowFill /etc on first boot when emptyOliver Maurhart22.05.2015 16:23
1028BugNewHighFind a better way do terminate full pipelines in testOliver Maurhart01.03.2016 10:50
1113FeatureNewLowHonor some CMake anti patternsOliver Maurhart09.09.2016 11:58v9.9999.8
991SupportAssignedNormalHow to deal with "disclosed bits" and "shannon efficiency" after privacy amplification?Oliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher11.02.2016 12:54
969BugAssignedNormalImplement Q3P fullyOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart22.05.2015 09:54
1247FeatureAssignedNormalImplement a more precise throughput measurement techniqueOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart23.05.2017 18:19v9.9999.8
954FeatureAssignedNormalIntegrate IPSec fullyOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 08:29
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