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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
953FeatureAssignedLowset /run/qkd as default location for qkd socketsOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart18.05.2015 13:18
954FeatureAssignedNormalIntegrate IPSec fullyOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 08:29
957FeatureAssignedNormalCreate dedicated "QKD DBus" wiki pageOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 11:11
958FeatureAssignedNormalCreate a Wiki page with all the modulesOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart19.05.2015 11:16
966FeatureAssignedLowCreate startup scripts for Q3P nodeOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart21.05.2015 09:01
969BugAssignedNormalImplement Q3P fullyOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart22.05.2015 09:54
970FeatureNewLowFill /etc on first boot when emptyOliver Maurhart22.05.2015 16:23
972TaskAssignedNormalAdd epsilon Security metadate to keyOliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher11.08.2016 11:25v9.9999.8
973TaskAssignedLowCheck LLVM/Clang vs. gcc for QKDOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart11.02.2016 14:01
979FeatureAssignedLowmake debug_config() available and virtual so that custom modules can dump their configOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart17.06.2015 08:41
983FeatureAssignedLowqkd-pipeline should add the PID to the autogenerated log file names of the modulesOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart26.06.2015 15:39
991SupportAssignedNormalHow to deal with "disclosed bits" and "shannon efficiency" after privacy amplification?Oliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher11.02.2016 12:54
1009BugNewNormalInvoking module::configure twice is not idempotentOliver Maurhart12.11.2015 16:20
1012BugAssignedLowqkd-pipeline does not stop pipeline properly when running multiple pipeline on one machineOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart28.01.2016 11:48
1013FeatureAssignedLowqkd-pipeline shoudl report a warning when on --log FOLDER the folder is not presentOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart11.07.2016 18:35v9.9999.8
1018BugAssignedHightest q3d-reconnect hangsOliver MaurhartOliver Maurhart10.02.2016 10:16
1019SupportAssignedNormalqkd-resize splitting and concatenating of keys: disclosed bits information?Oliver MaurhartChristoph Pacher12.08.2016 09:25v9.9999.8
1027SupportAssignedNormalqkd-cascade's randomManuel WarumChristoph Pacher12.07.2016 17:53v9.9999.8
1028BugNewHighFind a better way do terminate full pipelines in testOliver Maurhart01.03.2016 10:50
1029FeatureNewLowDaemonize q3pd and modulesOliver Maurhart01.03.2016 15:24
1036SupportNewNormalInvestigate on how TCP over TCP or TCP over UDP is used in QKDOliver Maurhart24.03.2016 15:25
1040FeatureNewNormalTry to drop lib/q3p/engine/linux/netlink stuff in favor for libnlOliver Maurhart07.04.2016 11:39
1042BugNewLowqkd-module-manager shows wrong number of keys/second for qkd-resizeOliver Maurhart11.04.2016 16:42
1043FeatureNewNormalInvestigate timing benchmarks for Q3P forwardingOliver Maurhart13.04.2016 11:08
1045BugNewNormaltest-parallel-cat-tee hangsOliver Maurhart15.04.2016 09:50
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