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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1516 Feature Closed High Create a qkd-pseudo-device Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 31.10.2018 11:45 v9.9999.8
1179 Feature Closed Low Drop reserved leading double underscore '__' in header defines Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 14.02.2017 15:04 v9.9999.8
1167 Feature Closed Low qkd-key-gen and variants should give some progress indicator Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 30.12.2016 15:21 v9.9999.8
1145 Feature Closed Low During test: run test with user-fied folders Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 09.12.2016 13:37 v9.9999.8
1134 Feature Closed Normal Add --url-pipe-in, --url-pipe-out, --url-peer and --url-listen command line options to standard modules Oliver Maurhart 09.12.2016 14:02 v9.9999.8
1117 Feature Closed Low Drop rebuild of qkd after git push/commit actions Oliver Maurhart 09.12.2016 15:30 v9.9999.8
1116 Feature Closed Normal Extend qkd-key-gen-cv with new modes Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 13.10.2016 10:57 v9.9999.8
1106 Feature Rejected Normal Drop OpenSSL dependency Oliver Maurhart 07.09.2016 10:22 v9.9999.8
1087 Feature Closed Normal Split EPS feature from qkd-key-gen into a separate qkd-key-gen-eps Oliver Maurhart 15.09.2016 16:02 v9.9999.8
1070 Feature Closed Normal Integrate a library wide version string including the current git commit hash Oliver Maurhart 21.06.2016 11:28
1051 Feature Closed Low Add PACKAGE_UBUNTU16 to qkd-r10 package creation Oliver Maurhart 11.07.2016 18:32
1048 Feature Closed Low Find a way to capture the test output of ctest into a file for each test Oliver Maurhart 11.07.2016 18:35
1044 Feature Closed Low surpress chatty key-sync debug messages Oliver Maurhart Manuel Warum 17.05.2016 15:58
1041 Feature Closed Low turn test-simulator-pipeline into a qkd-pipeline set of config files Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 11.04.2016 10:19
1037 Feature Closed Low Drop Qt4 in favor for Qt5 Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 11.08.2016 11:20 v9.9999.8
1026 Feature Closed Low q3pd should assign IP addresses automatically on NIC establishment Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 30.03.2016 17:47
1023 Feature Closed Normal Let the Q3Pd node automatically inject keys if the Keystore is empty Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 01.03.2016 10:26
1022 Feature Closed Normal provide qkd-key-gen with a fixed seed values for generated keys Oliver Maurhart Manuel Warum 17.05.2016 15:56
1017 Feature Rejected Low qkd-statistics should post output once in a second Oliver Maurhart Manuel Warum 12.02.2016 12:56
1016 Feature Closed Low subsitute every boost::shared_ptr to std::shared_ptr Oliver Maurhart 11.02.2016 15:36
1010 Feature Closed Normal Add arbitrary properties to the key metadata of a key Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 11.08.2016 11:21 v9.9999.8
994 Feature Closed Normal How should the Privacy Amplification treat fully disclosed blocks from Error Correction? Andreas Poppe Christoph Pacher 11.08.2016 13:12 v9.9999.8
986 Feature Closed Normal Create @qkd-demux@ to multiply output streams Oliver Maurhart 04.02.2016 09:08
985 Feature Closed Normal rename qkd-bb84 to qkd-sifting-bb84 Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 02.07.2015 11:19
984 Feature Closed High Turn qkd-buffer into qkd-resize Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 08.02.2016 16:56
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