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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1523 Support New Low Check generation speed of PRNGs provided by the libqkd Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 31.10.2018 09:00 v9.9999.9
1470 Support Feedback Low Potential misleading terminology in utility/environment Stefan Petscharnig Stefan Petscharnig 06.08.2018 18:21
1463 Support Closed Low qkd::utility::memory - from_hex input VS as_hex output inconsistency Stefan Petscharnig Stefan Petscharnig 03.09.2018 14:18 v9.9999.9
1230 Support Pending Low Providing docker container Manuel Warum Manuel Warum 16.05.2017 10:23
1165 Support Assigned Low Introduce new test structure concept Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 28.12.2016 13:53 v9.9999.8
1151 Support Closed Low metadata: encoding Christoph Pacher Christoph Pacher 05.12.2016 16:11 v9.9999.8
1114 Support Assigned Normal Cascade fails at a certain key Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 14.09.2016 18:08
1111 Support Closed Normal verify that wait_idle() in test cases works Oliver Maurhart 12.08.2016 14:41 v9.9999.8
1109 Support Closed Normal Adjust the qkd.xsd to reflect the first working QKD key metadata Oliver Maurhart Manuel Warum 11.08.2016 13:07 v9.9999.8
1104 Support Assigned Normal Whats the proper way to get the Shannon efficiency for concatenated keys? Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 05.08.2016 16:41 v9.9999.8
1076 Support New Low Add a wiki page about parallel modules Oliver Maurhart 11.07.2016 18:23 v9.9999.8
1075 Support Closed Low Add example hot write a module to Wiki Oliver Maurhart 15.09.2016 16:04 v9.9999.8
1054 Support Feedback Low Should PA work with security-bits *and* reducation-rate? Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 29.06.2016 18:24
1036 Support New Normal Investigate on how TCP over TCP or TCP over UDP is used in QKD Oliver Maurhart 24.03.2016 15:25
1035 Support Closed Low check is node's "nic" configuration is also applied when running as user with netadmin capabilities Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 30.03.2016 17:49
1027 Support Assigned Normal qkd-cascade's random Manuel Warum Christoph Pacher 12.07.2016 17:53 v9.9999.8
1019 Support Assigned Normal qkd-resize splitting and concatenating of keys: disclosed bits information? Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 12.08.2016 09:25 v9.9999.8
991 Support Assigned Normal How to deal with "disclosed bits" and "shannon efficiency" after privacy amplification? Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 11.02.2016 12:54
990 Support Closed Normal Reduce hight water mark in pipeline to 10 instead of 1000 Oliver Maurhart Oliver Maurhart 03.07.2015 13:44
988 Support Closed High Ensure disclosed keys are forwarded to the @qkd-buffering@ Oliver Maurhart Christoph Pacher 09.02.2016 14:31

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