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As of 10th April 2013 the AIT released the Open Source Developer Snapshot of the upcoming AIT QKD Software Release R10.

The AIT QKD Software features a full-fledged quantum key distribution software including key sifting, error correction, confirmation, privacy amplification, authentication, as well as seamless system integration and sample code.

This developer snapshot contains most of the features though some parts may be buggy and some are work in progress.

Changes to previous versions: The source code of the software is now available without registration!


  1. The AIT QKD Software comes now as one single large project. No sub-projects or multiple packages to install.
  2. The cryptographic contexts which keep track of the current authentication state are now part of the key metadata that is passed in the QKD pipeline from one module to next. This means: in R10 QKD modules operate totally autonomous and do not need any running Q3P node to operate on a key.
  3. As a consequence, the modules do now have a direct peer-to-peer communication and do not talk via Q3P nodes. This boosts up data exchange rate (e.g. for reconciliation) since we dropped two store-and-forward entities in between.
  4. The communication to the remote peer module and within the QKD pipeline is now handled by 0MQ, a high performance, very versatile thin network layer.
  5. The authentication facilities have been greatly redesigned so that you theoretically can give each new processed key its own authentication algorithm, initial and final key.
  6. The Q3P KeyStore is now laid out to support different types of storage systems. Currently, native flat sparse files and RAM only are built-in. Berkely DB, MySQL, SQLite and other storage back ends can be implemented.
  7. The DBus bindings have been reworked to more easily access and detect runtime values.
  8. The AIT QKD Software is now based on the new C++11 standard.
  9. We included sample code to demonstrate how to create your own modules. These range from a minimal "Hello World!" QKD module, up to a key processing, remote peer interaction QKD module with extended DBus binding, including build-system boilerplate code.
  10. ... and much more.

The AIT ships all software of the R10 as open source partly under the GNU General Public License V2 (GPL) and partly under the GNU Lesser General Public License V2.1 (LGPL).

The source code can be freely downloaded via GIT at

On UNIX platforms do:

$ git clone

and get the README file for further setup and compilation instructions.

Update: If you do have an Account then you can directly download the source tarball at . Scroll down to the "R10 Pauli" section and right click the file.

Please keep in mind that this is a developer snapshot, meaning most of the features are implemented, some not and some are buggy. If you want to know more feel free to contact us.

The current R8 release

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Manager: Christoph Pacher, Oliver Maurhart

Engineer: Benjamin Rainer, Bob the Builder, Christoph Pacher, Cristina Tamas, Damian Melniczuk, Edwin Querasser, Hannes Hübel, Manuel Warum, Marcel Tschernko, Michael Hentschel, Oliver Maurhart, Philipp Grabenweger, Roland Lieger, Stefan Petscharnig, Thomas Lorünser, Thomas Themel, Winfried Boxleitner

AIT Staff: Benjamin Rainer, Bernhard Schrenk, Bob the Builder, Christian Monyk, Christoph Pacher, Cristina Tamas, Edwin Querasser, Florian Hipp, Hannes Hübel, Manuel Warum, Marcel Tschernko, Martin Stierle, Michael Hentschel, Oliver Maurhart, Roland Lieger, Stefan Petscharnig, Thomas Lorünser

User: Andrew Shields, Ang Hui Kuan, Benjamin Rainer, Bernhard Schrenk, Bob the Builder, Christian Monyk, Christoph Pacher, Cristina Tamas, Damian Melniczuk, Edwin Querasser, Esther Tan, Florian Hipp, Gottfried Lechner, Han Chuen Lim, Hannes Hübel, Hwee Li Thio, Jakub Lopuszanski, James Dynes, Jane Heng, Janusz Jacak, Jesmin Yap, Junji Urayama, Keattisak Sripimanwat, Krystian Ogierman, Manuel Warum, Marcel Tschernko, Martin Stierle, Michael Hentschel, Milosz Kordecki, Montida Pattaranantakul, Oliver Maurhart, Panintorn Prempree, Paramin Sangwongngam, Patcharapong Treeviriyanupab, Paul Khoo, Pawel Witkowski, Peng Chong Tan, Philipp Grabenweger, Przemyslaw Tomczak, Renato Renner, Rohit Swankar, Roland Lieger, Shinichi Baba, Siew Hwee Kwok, Sophia Mamah, Stefan Petscharnig, Thomas Lorünser, Tomasz Struminski, Valerie Choy, Victor Echeverria, Wenhan Wang, Witold Jacak, Wojciech Donderowicz, Yu Bin Low, Yung Kiat Teo, Zhiliang Yuan

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