AIT QKD R10 Software

This is the AIT QKD Software Suite containing Q3P, the Q3P KeyStore, QKD Modules, Cascade, and others.

For scientists, universities, and security centered companies who want to concentrate on certain topics of QKD like sifting or error correction or simply use the off-the-shelf toolchain for their products the AIT QKD R10 is a full featured quantum key distribution implementation. Besides been a free open source solution the AIT comes with well defined interfaces and well documented sources which already have been used by several teams around the globe.

This is the public, free repository. We do have additional stuff like LDPC error correction, QKD presfiting and QKD GUI but we currently do not ship them for free of charge. If you have interest in these please contact us.

The source code is arranged as a CMake (see: project in a git (see: repository. The reference machines is Debian Debian 8 ("Jessie"). Any other Linux distribution might work as well, e.g. Ubuntu, RedHat, SuSE, Gentoo or Mint, but this is not tested yet.

The git repository is located here:


(update: due to problems with our mail server, please send emails to or )

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Latest news

AIT goes QCrypt 2016
The AIT will attend the QCrypt 2016 on Sep. 12th - 16th. We will arrange a QKD Software workshop at the conference on Monday.
Added by Oliver Maurhart 8 months ago

New key XML metadata and switch to Qt5 (develop branch)
Added by Oliver Maurhart 8 months ago

AIT QKD R10 v9.9999.7 released
Release of the next AIT QKD R10 v9.9999.7.
Added by Oliver Maurhart 9 months ago

QCrypt 2015
The AIT held workshops at the QCrypt 2015 about the current state of the AIT QKD R10 software.
Added by Oliver Maurhart over 1 year ago

Launch of the AIT QKD R10 software plattform
The AIT launches a complete new software platform site for the new and upcoming AIT QKD R10 release.
Added by Oliver Maurhart almost 2 years ago

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