AIT QKD R10 v9.9999.7 released

Release of the next AIT QKD R10 v9.9999.7.
Added by Oliver Maurhart 12 months ago

We are proud to announce the release of the next version of the AIT QKD R10: v9.9999.7.

This version is immediately available from our GitLab servers as the master branch:

There have been a lot of changes. Among these are:

  • qkd-key-compare: a new tool which lets you compare two keystream files
  • qkd-view now supports JSON output for easy computational parsing
  • automatic IP assignment and routing of Q3P
  • Ubuntu 15.10 and Ubuntu 16.04 package creation
  • new QKD module: qkd-sync for easy synchronization of parallel keystreams
  • many bugfixes

... and much more. Take a look at the latest changes at